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appreciation for the finer things.

My day described in pictures.

Started the day off making a trip to SF with my family for some doctor’s appointments and stuff. Got some bread from Acme Bread aka the BEST bread on the planet.

Picked my sister up from practice, headed home and then got ready for dinner. I picked up Jessamyn, and she met my sister. I think they’ll end up liking each other as time goes on! :)

Dropped my sister off at Chicago Fire to meet up with her friend. Then put our names down for a table at Blue Nami. Ran to Home Depot to get some plumbing stuff for our broken drain at home.

Came back to Blue Nami for some yummy sushi. Took pictures in the parking garage (claaaasy) and then dropped my sister at her other friend’s house and Jessamyn back at her place.

Date nights are pretty bomb, honestly. :)

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